ACM/IEEE 10th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Thank you for making MoDELS 10 a success!

The MoDELS Steering Committee invites proposals for the organization of future MoDELS conferences...

The MoDELS series of conference is devoted to the topic of model-driven engineering, covering both languages and systems used to create complex systems. These conferences are both an expansion and a redirection of previous Unified Modeling Language (UML) conferences, and replaced that series of conference in 2005.

Model-driven system development has long been used in the development of complex hardware systems. It is becoming more prevalent in complex software or combined hardware and software systems development as methodologies and tools become available that can manipulate software models from very abstract concepts through refinement and testing. The MoDELS series of conferences is the premier venue for the exchange of innovative technical ideas and experiences relating to model-driven approaches in the development of software-based systems.

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